About LeadZen Technologies

LeadZen Technologies is a creative digital marketing agency based in Bangalore. Our core skills focus on website SEO, PPC, Social Media promotions, design and development process. Since our formation in 2017, we have been committed to delivering excellent, innovative digital projects completed to the highest standards by our fully qualified and Google certified staffs at our office Bengaluru.

We are well established, fair and honest to our clients, Our company is built on principles of fairness and an all-round positive attitude. Now we are one of the most recognized digital agencies in Bangalore. We are smart digital people speaking your language always try to be open, fair, honest and never blind you with technical words or meaningless buzzwords.

Our Intention is to support the startup companies and individual business professionals to get success in competitive digital market. Up to 2017 many startups are created but they are struggle to run and grow their business faster because they didn’t get enough business leads, sales revenue, and new clients.

We offer a complete digital marketing solution to help grow your business online. As a full service agency we manage the entire project lifecycle from research & strategy through web design & development to ongoing support and SEO, PPC, YouTube video promotions, Facebook and Social networking promotions. Our digital marketing professionals having 10+ years of experience and they are specialized in each process. We have successfully delivered many projects covering a wide range of industry, manufactures and service sectors.

We have been lucky to work with some great local businesses in Bangalore. Now it’s time to help you grow you business rapidly and help your make profits.

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Why LeadZen Technologies

  • To Improve ranking for your website
  • To Increase Website Traffic for your site
  • Generate more leads and business
  • To Provide better Return on Investment.
  • Stabilize ranking for long period

Our Digital Marketing Solutions

  • What is SEO search engine optimization ?
  • What is PPC pay per click Ads ?
  • Types of google ads
  • Social media promotions
  • Facebook Marketing
  • YouTube Video Promotions
  • Email & SMS Marketing process
  • Lead Generation & Automation Process
  • Map Listing & benifits
  • Content Marketing
  • Ecommerce & Online Sales
  • Affiliate Marketing

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